The Vision


Our vision is to see individuals become passionate about God’s heart for the lost and become proficient in education, life, social, and ministry skills.  We will strive to become proactive in strategic outreach locally, nationally and globally to impact people groups at large with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also we will provide instruction and practical guidance for strengthening family and ministry.


Our mission is to empower people to reach their full potential in every aspect of life.  We will work to perfect, equip, edify and involve all segments of the community by implementing culturally effective global partnerships that demonstrate the grace and holiness of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

  • Prayer
  • Leadership and Mobilization
  • Training
  • Partnerships
  • Strategic Involvement
  • Structures
  • Ministry Team Care
  • Resource and Funding

Destined to Win (DTW) seeks to achieve our core values by focusing on the following:


DTW seeks to see an ever increasing number of individuals pray for, and focus prayers toward:  

  1. Sponsored missions, ministries personnel and projects.
  2. People who are the focus of the ministry and community of those personnel and projects.
  3. God’s global purposes; and
  4. Always allowing God to lead is because He always adds to DTW.

Leadership and Mobilization

DTW will provide ongoing leadership to the entire community in the area of outreach, and serve as a mobilizing force in order to provide and promote outreach within the St. Louis region, nationally and globally, as is consistent with our human and financial resources and our strategic objectives.


DTW will provide cross-cultural orientation and training opportunities for those individuals in the community who are preparing for cross cultural service and ministry.  DTW will also provide leadership training to local credential holders as well as those who recognize the calling of God upon their lives.


DTW will intentionally work in order to provide opportunities of partnerships in missions between the outreach program and:  other ministry departments; local, national, and international ministries; and organizations with whom we are called to partner.

Strategic Involvement

DTW will develop plans for strategic involvement in areas of ministry and empowerment to the inner-city poor of the St. Louis region.  Additionally we will build and perect a ministry and organization that will impact the whole man, mind, soul and body.


DTW will continually evaluate the structure of our organization to ensure its effectiveness in allowing us to work towards achieving our goals and mission.

Ministry Team Care

DTW will take a holistic approach to ensure that individuals ministering under the Outreach Program will be cared for in a consistent and sensitive manner.

Resourcing and Funding

DTW will develop and distribute material resources for the support of:  Local, national, and international missions, ministries and outreach programs; projects concerning local ministries; and scholarships to help you succeed in education and general life applications.